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About The Springers

The Springers were an average early Philadelphia soul group, but one that made a few good sides in the mid-'60s, though these were either released on small local labels or not released at all until a CD compilation in 2002. They attracted some retroactive attention when one of their singles, "Nothing's Too Good for My Baby," became a highly sought-after rarity, an original copy selling for more than 5,000 dollars online, according to the liner notes of that CD anthology. You wouldn't necessarily think the song is worth that much -- not many songs are -- but its got a nicely swinging groove, fine production with touches of vibes and organ, and enchanting smooth harmonies. Some of their other material was ordinary, but at other times they concocted quality cuts with versatile approaches, like the jazzy ballad "(I Want You) Every Night and Day," the blues-funk-dipped "Drifting Away," and the frantic doo wop-shaded "(You're Drawing Me) Closer and Closer."

The Springers were put together and produced by Thaddeus Wales, owner of the small Wale label, which put out four songs by the group (two others came out on Ves-Thad). Six songs from these rare singles, along with ten other previously unissued tracks (including some alternate versions) that were also cut in 1965 and 1966, came out on the compilation The Best of the Springers: Nothing's Too Good for My Baby. Thom Bell was apparently involved with some or all of the arrangements (the liner notes aren't precise with specifics), and musicians who later played on '70s Philadelphia soul smashes for the Philadelphia International sound (again, exact specifics aren't supplied) were involved as well. ~ Richie Unterberger

Philadelphia, PA