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English prog rock band the Mute Gods formed out of bassist Nick Beggs' desire to have an outlet for his own writing, and a meeting of like minds while on tour. Beggs had early success with the '80s new wave band Kajagoogoo, best known for the hit single "Too Shy." Following the break-up of the band, he went on to have a varied career working with artists as diverse as Belinda Carlisle, Emma Bunton, John Paul Jones, and Rick Wakeman. In 2009 he joined the Steve Hackett band along with Roger King. It was during this time that the pair began to discuss the project that would become the Mute Gods. Beggs and German drummer Marco Minnemann first met as part of the Steve Wilson band on tour in 2012. Minnemann -- previously a member of Freaky Fukin Weirdoz and H-Blockz -- and he and Beggs talked about the possibility of a collaboration, thus the Mute Gods became complete. Beggs had written most of the material for their debut while on tour, so the trio set about recording the album. Do Nothing 'til You Hear from Me was released in 2016, and it went on to earn the band the Vanguard Award at the Progressive Music Awards in September of that same year. Before the dust had even settled on their debut, or the award, the Mute Gods returned with their follow-up. They released Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth in 2017, preceded by the lead single "We Can't Carry On." ~ Bekki Bemrose