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The Great Discord is a female-fronted Swedish progressive metal band whose sound is rooted in influences ranging from technical and alternative metal to hard and prog rock. The quintet is fronted by vocalist Fia Kempe. She and longtime friend, drummer Axel Holmgren (formerly of 12 Gauge Dead and Prowess), sought to cement a musical relationship by forming a band that embodied the sum of their many interests. They recruited guitarists Andre Axcell (who had played in both of Holmgren's bands) and Gustav Almberg (PG.Lost), and drummer Rasmus Carlson (Pegasus).
After writing and producing some professionally recorded demos, the Great Discord garnered interest from Metal Blade Records, which signed them in 2014, immediately put them in a studio, and allowed them to self-produce a recording.
Label and band released four cinematic teaser videos in late 2014 and early 2015 before "The Aging Man," a proper video single, was released to heavy metal press sources in the spring. Duende, the Great Discord's debut album, was released in June. ~ Thom Jurek

    Linköping, Sweden