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The Fray’s searing, sentimental pop-rock is the sound of life in its most vulnerable moments. Their songs—soaring, emotive, and propelled by piano and falsetto—are powerful because they’re relatable, with frontman Isaac Slade tackling topics as light as sibling rivalry and as heavy as teenage depression. It’s why the Denver quartet quickly rose from hometown rock heroes to global pop stars in just over three years after a chance meeting between Slade and guitarist Joe King. In 2002, the former schoolmates ran into each other at a local record store and started kicking around songs; soon, lead guitarist Dave Welsh and drummer Ben Wysocki joined. After getting the attention of a Denver radio station, then Epic Records, the band made their first major impression with How to Save a Life, their 2005 debut album jam-packed with hits, including the raspy rock anthem, “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and the plaintive title track, which scored key placements on primetime TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. Since then, the band has continued to reveal more of their own personal pains and joys while expanding their sound—and upping the drama—with cathartic piano tearjerker “You Found Me” from 2009’s The Fray, sweeping rock scorchers like “Heartbeat” from 2012’s Scars & Stories, and the stomping dance groove, “Love Don’t Die” from 2014’s Helios. Through it all, no matter how big the anthem, The Fray still keeps the mood intimate, providing the soundtrack for monumental loves, devastating losses, and all the scars that form between them.

Denver, CO, United States
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