The Drovers

About The Drovers

This Chicago-based celtic folk band has toured in both America and Ireland. Their lineup includes Mike Kirkpatrick (guitar and vocals), Winston Damon (trombone, percussion, sax thumb piano), Sean Clelland (fiddle), Kathleen Kane (flute, acordian, whistle, vocals) David Callahan (bass, vocals), and Jackie (bodhran). Their first CD, entitled The Drovers was released in 1992. An EP, Kill Mice Elf, was released in 1994; the Steve Albini production piece Little High Sky Show appeared a year later.
The Drovers spent the rest of the nineties away from the studio and playing shows. When they weren't gigging in and around Chicago, they were playing festivals like the Guiness Fleadh line-up or contributing to various compilations such as the Blink soundtrack. ~ Leon Jackson


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