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About Thanatos

Thanatos is a dark folk project spearheaded by singer/songwriter, guitarist, and sole constant member Patrick Ogle (aka Padraic Ogl). Centered around Ogle's wry lyrics and atmospheric acoustic guitar playing, the music is gloomy but not devoid of hope. Thanatos has frequently recorded cover versions reflecting Ogle's eclectic array of influences, including Devo, Blue Öyster Cult, Ice-T, and Townes Van Zandt. The group originated in the 1980s as a collaboration between Ogle and Black Tape for a Blue Girl's Sam Rosenthal, who appeared on early albums like 1993's This Endless Night Inside, and later returned for 2020's PORTLAND. Covered Country, Thanatos' first album consisting entirely of other people's compositions, was released in 2021.

Florida, United States of America