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Terje Tysland is a Norwegian rock singer/songwriter whose career spans numerous decades and includes a lengthy list of full-length album releases, many of which were Top Ten hits in his homeland. Like fellow Norwegian singer/songwriter Åge Aleksandersen, he embarked on his solo career in the late '70s after garnering acclaim as a member of Prudence, a group that came to define the Norwegian rock style coined trønderrock. Born on April 14, 1951, in Namsos, Norway, Tysland began his recording career with Prudence, who were comprised of Åge Aleksandersen (guitar), Per Erik Wallum (flute), Johan Tangen (mandolin), Kjell Ove Riseth (bass), and Kaare Skevik, Jr. (drums) in addition to Tysland (vocals, guitar). Tysland joined Prudence in 1970 and is featured on all of the band's full-length albums: Tomorrow May Be Vanished (1972), Drunk and Happy (1973), No. 3 (1974), and Takk Te Dokk (1975), the latter of which was awarded a Spellemannprisen for Pop Album of the Year. Prudence broke up in 1975, releasing the double-length live album 11/12-75 (1976) as their swan song, and both Tysland and Aleksandersen embarked on successful solo careers as singer/songwriters afterward. Tysland made his solo album debut in 1977 with Stakkars Klovn and released new albums more or less every couple years for the remainder of the century and well beyond. His most successful album releases include Til Moder Jord (1979), Frekk og Fredelig (1985), Gutta På By'n (1987), Kainn Æ Få Lov? (1988), Værra Me Mæ Hjæm (1990), For Et Mas (1996), 25 År Med Gitter og Stas (2002), Det Go'e Liv (2004), and Lidderli Gla (2009), all of which reached the Top Ten of the Norwegian albums chart. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Namsos, Norway
April 14, 1951
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