About Sweet

Taking inspiration from rockers like The Who and bubblegum acts such as The Monkees, The Sweet were one of the definitive glam rock bands of the ’70s.

∙ Originally founded in 1968 as Sweetshop, the group gained international attention with the hit “Funny Funny,” which appeared on their 1971 debut album, Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be.
∙ The Sweet embraced a heavier sound beginning with the 1973 single “Block Buster!,” which earned them their first and only No. 1 UK hit single.
∙ Released in 1973, “The Ballroom Blitz” immortalized an infamous concert where they were booed offstage and became a massive crossover hit in the US and Canada.
∙ They reached their popular peak in 1974 with two Gold-certified albums—Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard—that established them as global glam-rock stars.
∙ Before disbanding in 1981, The Sweet released more than 20 Top 40 hits in over 15 countries and sold 35 million albums worldwide.
∙ Featured in 2016’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, their iconic single “Fox on the Run” from 1974 topped the iTunes’ Rock chart and introduced a new generation to their music.

    London, England

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