About Straightener

Formed in 1998, Straightener is a no-frills band who have become one of Japan’s most consistent alternative rock acts.

∙ Initially a duo, Straightener issued several independent releases and formed their own label, Ghost Records, before making their major-label debut with the 2003 single “Traveling Gargoyle.”
∙ In 2003, they added bassist Hidekazu Hinata, a member Japanese rock groups ART-SCHOOL and Zazen Boys and the side-project FULLARMOR, with Straightener frontman Horie Atsushi.
∙ The band reached the Japanese Top 10 for the first time with their 2007 LP, Linear, and followed it up with 2009’s Nexus, a No. 5 hit album.
∙ In 2013, they played a 10th anniversary show at Japan’s famed Budokan arena, performing a set of 30 songs voted on by their fans—“Sad and Beautiful World” earned the No. 1 spot.
∙ Between 2004 and 2014, Straightener performed at every edition of Nano-Mugen, a festival organized by their friends (and fellow Japanese alt-rockers) Asian Kung-Fu Generation.
∙ “Graffiti” became the band’s fifth Top 10 single when it reached No. 8 on the Japanese charts in 2020.

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