St Thomas's Boys Choir Leipzig

About St Thomas's Boys Choir Leipzig

Founded in 1212, the Thomanerchor Leipzig, or St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig, is an ensemble of male student vocalists, ranging in age from nine to 18 years old. Its most famous director, or Thomaskantor, was Johann Sebastian Bach, and his choral works are central to the choir's repertoire. The Thomanerchor performs Gregorian chants and other liturgical music at services in the Thomaskirche, and also gives concerts across Germany. The choir lives in the Thomasalumnat on Hiller Street, and attends courses at the Thomasschule, concentrating on music. To celebrate the choir's 800th anniversary, it toured with a program of choral music by Scarlatti, Palestrina, Bruckner, and Bach.

Leipzig, Germany