About Skream

London-based producer/DJ Skream played a vital role in the development and popularity of dubstep during the 2000s, and subsequently branched out toward techno, disco, drum'n'bass, and other styles of club music. Following early collaborations with fellow genre pioneers Benga and Loefah, he released one of dubstep's most easily recognizable tracks, "Midnight Request Line," in 2005, and included it on his 2006 full-length Skream! His tracks and remixes helped shift the genre from being a darker, more minimalist form of club music to something more melodic and accessible, paving the way for its mainstream popularity by the beginning of the 2010s. He achieved commercial success as part of dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man, and has explored house, techno, and other genres with his DJ mixes and singles since the mid-2010s.

    London, England
  • BORN
    June 1, 1986

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