Sharon Novak - Top Songs

The Ants Go Marching One By One
How Do You Walk Like a Dinosaur?
Dancing On the Rhythm Train
If You're Happy and You Know It
My Dinosaur's Colors
She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
Frogs in My Backyard
How Do You Walk Like a Dinosaur?
My Pippilo Goes to School
Come On, Everybody (feat. Sarah Waldron)
Ten Little Pigs in a Pen
My Pippilo Named Fred (feat. Sarah Waldron)
Jump Up (feat. Sarah Waldron)
Color Song
Tap, Tap, Tap
You're My Mirror, We Are One
The Wheels On the Bus
Something Was Wrong (On Old MacDonald's Farm) [feat. Sarah Waldron]
Today I'm Growing Up (feat. Sarah Waldron)
Twinkle Twinkle / ABC / Baa Baa Black Sheep (Medley)
Put Your Finger In the Air (feat. Sarah Waldron)
Puff the Magic Dragon (feat. Sarah Waldron)
See the Ponies Galloping, Fais Do-Do
The Number Song
Walking To the Left (feat. Sarah Waldron)
This Is the Way We Clap Our Hands
Dancing, Jumping, Stomping Blues
I'm Gonna Sing Hello
Apples and Bananas
Clap Your Hands
Hold My Hand
Clap Your Hands
Sit Down, Stand Up
Dancing on the Rhythm Train
Say Goodnight
Twinkle Twinkle Starlight Starbright
The Ants Go Marching One by One
Good Morning
Hush Little Baby
Color Song
I Have a Little Doll
Come On, Everybody
Good Morning