About S.O.A.

In 1979, at age 18, Henry Garfield began his musical career as the lead singer of D.C. hardcore band State of Alert (S.O.A). Garfield, guitarist Michael Hampton, bassist Wendel Blow, and drummer Simon Jacobsen played their first show in a living room and debuted with the fast and furious No Policy EP in 1981. The album was only the second release on Dischord, run by Garfield's best friend, Ian MacKaye. Garfield changed his name to Henry Rollins, and jumped onstage during a Black Flag show in D.C. After the band invited Rollins to try out and then asked him to sing, he joined Black Flag, and S.O.A. broke up. Hampton went onto join the Faith with Alec MacKaye of the Untouchables. ~ Ron DePasquale

    Washington DC
    October, 1980

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