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Born into a musical family, pianist Robin Spielberg began lessons at the age of seven; she also played organ and violin while a child. She attended Michigan State University and New York University, working extensively in each school's theater department. After graduation, Spielberg began playing professionally, often at hotels in the New York area. That job naturally grew into a vehicle for her original compositions and later, a recording career. Signed to North Star Music in 1994, she released several albums during the rest of the decade, including Heal of the Hand, Spirit of the Holidays, Unchained Melodies, In the Heart of Winter, and Songs of the Spirit.
Spielberg created her own label in 2000, calling it playMountain Music and debuting with that year's Beautiful Dreamer. In just the first four years of the label, she also released Dreaming of Summer, The Christmas Collection, American Chanukah, and With a Song in My Heart. She also toured widely in the Americas as well as overseas. More of her recordings of the 2000s include 2005's Memories of Utopia, 2008's A New Kind of Love, and 2010's Sea to Shining Sea: A Tapestry of American Music. She also wrote a memoir, Naked on the Bench, published in 2013. ~ John Bush

    New Jersey
  • BORN
    November 20, 1962

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