About Raveena

Singer and songwriter Raveena blends elements of pop, folk, jazz, and experimental music into a soothing style of R&B with lush production.

• Born in Massachusetts to Indian immigrants, Raveena grew up in Queens, New York, and Stamford, Connecticut, in a traditional Sikh household.
• She began recording music while a student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and released her debut EP, Shanti, after graduating in 2017.
• Raveena became something of a queer icon when she came out as bisexual via her 2018 single “Temptation.”
• She released her first full-length album, Lucid, in 2019, and outtakes of from the LP sessions were featured on 2020's Moonstone EP.
• 2022’s Asha's Awakening melds influences from Indian culture with Western music, and features guests such as Vince Staples and Asha Puthli. It ends with a guided meditation led by Raveena herself.

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