Randall King
Randall King

Randall King

About Randall King

∙ Randall King is a country singer-songwriter from Lubbock, Texas, with an ear for steel guitar and the genre’s classic Americana roots.

∙ Inspired by country legend George Strait, King released his debut EP, Another Bullet, in 2016.
∙ He collaborated with Americana group Flatland Cavalry in 2016, singing a duet with frontman Cleto Cordero on the honky-tonk rocker “Hard Livin’ Illene.”
∙ His first album, 2018’s self-produced Randall King, was a major breakthrough, debuting in the Top 10 on iTunes’ Top Country Albums chart.
∙ After years of self-releasing his music, he signed to Warner Music Nashville in 2019, and then topped the Texas Country Music Chart with his 2020 single “Hey Cowgirl.”

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