Pemberton Roach

About Pemberton Roach

Raised in rural Chadds Ford, PA, bassist/songwriter/producer and AMG contributor Pemberton Roach spent much of his childhood listening to his father's extensive collection of vintage country LPs. Inspired to begin making music himself, Roach played in numerous punk and garage bands as a teenager, once even being expelled from school for singing a song called "This Whole World Is a Piece of Shit" before an auditorium full of horrified parents. At 17, he moved to New York City and became actively involved in both the rock and contemporary folk scenes there. In 1993, he joined influential alternative/indie band Thumper, which had just relocated to N.Y.C. from Athens, GA. Subsequently, Roach became a busy musician-for-hire and producer. In 1999, he co-founded the popular Latin-influenced rock band Ernesto, which has recorded for Elektra Records. As the masked Baron Klaus von Goaten, he also plays bass for cult favorites Satanicide. In addition, Roach has found success as a music critic and record executive, most notably working closely with Allen Toussaint at the legendary New Orleans producer's NYNO label. ~ Pemberton Roach