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Bay Area rapper and producer Paris is one of hip-hop's most militantly Afro-centric radicals. Drawing from the teachings of Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam as well as the provocative intelligence of Public Enemy and the gut-level rage of early Ice Cube, Paris' music has in turn influenced a generation of political and conscious rappers, such as Dead Prez and Immortal Technique. His early albums, including 1992's Sleeping with the Enemy, were both acclaimed and controversial for their graphic lyrics addressing police brutality and presidential neglect of inner-city violence. His lyrics have remained relevant and thought-provoking throughout the decades, covering topics such as the war on terror (2003's Sonic Jihad), institutional racism (2006's Rebirth of a Nation, with Public Enemy), and gentrification (2020's Safe Space Invader).

San Francisco, CA, United States
October 29, 1967
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