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A dynamic German power metal unit with elements of folk and progressive metal, Orden Ogan, which translates to "The Order of Fear" via a mash-up of German and Gaelic, was formed in 1996 by drummer Sebastian Grütling and vocalist/guitarist Sebastian Levermann under the moniker Tanzende Aingewaide. The following year, the fledgling group changed their name and began issuing a series of demo tapes (Into Oblivion, 1997; Anthem to the Darkside, 1998, and Soli Deo Gloria, 1999). After enduring a series of lineup changes, the band released its debut full-length album Testimonium A.D. (2004), followed by their critically acclaimed Yonah Records debut, Vale. The album drew favorable comparisons to fellow German power metal practitioners Blind Guardian, and was soon issued in Brazil and Japan. Easton Hope arrived in 2010, followed by To the End in 2012 and Ravenhead in 2015. The band's fifth studio long-player, Gunmen, dropped in 2017. In addition to playing and releasing albums, the band helped found the popular German metal festival WinterNachtsTraum. ~ James Christopher Monger


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