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Rapper and E-40 protégé OMB Peezy merges his Alabama roots with his Sacramento upbringing, making street-minded music that boasts substance and swagger.

• OMB Peezy grew up in the Orange Grove projects of Mobile, Alabama. When he was 12, he relocated to Sacramento with his mother in a stolen moving van.
• His 2016 track “Lay Down” pays homage to Bay Area rapper Celly Cel’s 20-year-old local hit “It’s Goin’ Down.” Nef The Pharaoh heard Peezy’s song and brought it to Celly Cel’s former boss, E-40.
• After hearing “Lay Down,” E-40 was compelled to sign OMB Peezy to Sick Wid It Records.
• He recorded his 2018 debut album, Loyalty Over Love, during a 15-hour studio session. Mozzy and TK Kravitz are among the guests.
• The rapper shows his vulnerable side on 2020’s “Face in the Sky (R.I.P. Granny),” written for his late grandmother, who helped raise him and his brother.
• Throughout his career, OMB Peezy has collaborated closely with Georgia producer DrumDummie. They partnered for the 2020 album In the Meantime.

    Mobile, AL
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