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Hailing from Chico, CA, the four original members of Number One Gun began crafting energetic, Christian-minded rock in 2001. Frontman Jeff Schneeweis, bassist Trevor Sellers, guitarist Ben Tietz, and drummer Jordan Mallory released their first EP, Forever, in 2002. The group was subsequently offered a record deal with Salvage after a chance meeting with Dave Tosti, an A&R rep for the small label as well as a group member of PAX217 (a band Number One Gun had opened for). They began recording with Bob Burch in January 2003, with Floodgate Records climbing aboard to help with the album's marketing and distribution. The resulting album, Celebrate Mistakes, was released at the end of the summer.
Number One Gun signed with Tooth and Nail in early 2005 and released their first album for the label, Promises for the Imperfect, in July. The bandmates went their separate ways one year later, however, with Schneeweis choosing to continue recording his own songs under the Number One Gun moniker. Released in 2008, The North Pole Project found him exploring Christian themes and melodic textures, while 2010's To The Secrets And Knowledge featured lush production and songs inspired by Schneeweis' two year-old daughter. ~ Corey Apar

    Chico, CA

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