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The dark lords of EBM and industrial music, Nitzer Ebb have been turning dance floors into throbbing pits of hedonism since the early ‘80s. The British electronic band was formed by producer/programmer Vaughan “Bon” Harris and vocalist Douglas McCarthy in 1982; they released their first demo, Basic Pain Procedure, the following year and became fast friends with fellow goth-pop trailblazers Depeche Mode. Nitzer Ebb's novel EBM sound drew from post-punk acts like Siouxsie & The Banshees and Bauhaus, as well as the thumping synth experimentation of Chicago house, which they poured into 1987's convulsive major-label debut That Total Age. Their crashing, percussive single “Join in the Chant” became a fixture of the UK's acid-house scene, while 1990's Showtime featured more accessible songwriting and beats, and even a whimsical George Clinton remix of the track “Fun To Be Had.” Nitzer Ebb disbanded in 1995, following the release of their guitar-driven LP Big Hit. During this hiatus, McCarthy began working with Alan Wilder's Recoil project, while Harris relocated to Los Angeles and became a highly sought-after producer for artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, Avril Lavigne, and Evanescence. Nitzer Ebb reunited in 2007, releasing the tenebrous electronic manifesto Industrial Complex three years later, supported by continuous touring that has brought their iconic sound to legions of new fans.

Chelmsford, Essex, England
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