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Formed in 2009, New Medicine deliver modern hard rock from the Minneapolis side of Minnesota's Twin Cities. The quartet, consisting of singer/guitarist Jake Scherer, bassist Matt Brady, guitarist Dan Garland, and drummer Ryan Guanzon, have a style that blends the drive of hard rock with the emotion of post-grunge, giving them a rowdy, slick sound that mixes equal parts swagger and sulkiness. New Medicine made their debut in 2011 with Race You to the Bottom, which earned them a spot on the Billboard 200. The year 2013 saw drummer Dylan Wood replace Guanzon and bassist Kyle Leblanc replace Brady, while the band moved to Nashville, where Scherer wrote for artists like the Charm City Devils. A year later New Medicine released the album Breaking the Model on their new label, Imagen Records. ~ Gregory Heaney

Minneapolis, MN, United States of America