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Mississippi-based singer/songwriter Neilson Hubbard got his start in a Galaxie 500 cover band, but what's interesting is that was not until his second solo album (after an earlier stint fronting the mid-period Feelies-like artsy college rockers This Living Hand, the group that cover band had transmuted into) that Hubbard's own music showed any spiritual or musical connection to the progenitors of slowcore. After that Nashville-based group split up in 1996, Hubbard returned to his native Jackson, MS, and released his first solo album, 1997's The Slide Project. A Kinks-y blast of indie guitar pop, The Slide Project sounded like nothing Hubbard had done before, and it proved to be an aberration. After signing with Parasol Records, Hubbard released the heartbreakingly sad, musically translucent Why Men Fail in April 2001. He followed this record up in 2003 with the release of Sing Into Me, also for Parasol ~ Stewart Mason

United States of America
October 27, 1972
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