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A South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment, Miss A are known for their hooky, dance-oriented pop music. They first gained attention with their 2010 hit single "Bad Girl Good Girl," which landed at number one on the South Korean pop charts. It paved the way for their Top Ten debut, 2011's A Class, and number two charting follow-up, 2013's Hush. After the release of their 2015 Colors EP, the group disbanded.
Miss A featured main vocalist Fei (Wang Fei Fei), lead vocalist/lead rapper Suzy (Bae Sue Ji), main dancer/lead vocalist/rapper Min (Lee Min Young), and main rapper/lead vocalist/dancer Jia (Mong Ji Ah). Each member had trained in varying capacities before joining Miss A. In July 2010, they released their debut single "Bad Girl Good Girl." The song was a huge hit, landing at number one on the Goan charts. In July 2011, they released their debut full-length album, A Class, which included "Bad Girl Good Girl" and the singles "Step Up," "Breathe," "Love Alone," and "Good Bye Baby." The album peaked at number nine on the Goan album chart. That September, they issued a Chinese edition of A Class, which landed at number three on Taiwan's G-Music Chart.
Over the next year, Miss A released two EPs -- Touch and Independent Women, Pt. 3, both of which served as the lead-up to the group's sophomore full-length album, Hush. Released in October 2013, Hush included the previously issued songs "Touch," and "I Don't Need a Man," as well as the promotional tracks "Come on Over," "Hide & Seek," and "Love Is U." The album peaked at number two on the Goan Album chart and number four on the Billboard World Albums chart. In 2015, Miss A released the Colors EP, featuring the track "Only You." They also starred in their own online reality series, Real Miss A. However, by December 2017, both Jia and Min had left the group and Miss A formally broke up. ~ Matt Collar

    Seoul, South Korea

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