Mark Gross

About Mark Gross

Comedian Mark Gross hits the stage in a button-up shirt with tie, close-cropped hair, and a downtrodden demeanor. His outward look doesn't prepare audiences for his foul-mouthed sense of humor that often fits his surname perfectly. Coming up through the world of improvisation as a member of the Amore Brothers and hitting the comedy club circuit after that, Gross got his first big break in 1996 opening for Howie Mandel on a nationwide tour. A year later he got a job writing for the nationally syndicated radio show The Bob & Tom Show along with the occasional on-air appearance. Writing for Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect introduced Gross to the world of television while 1997's Sexual Odometer became his recorded debut. A 2002-2003 tour with Dave Chappelle put Gross in even bigger venues, but it was his 2003-2004 tour with Rodney Carrington that became his career-defining moment. Carrington became Gross' biggest supporter and hired him as a writer when Carrington landed his own show in 2004 named Rodney. Carrington also introduced Gross to the people at Capitol Nashville. The label released gross sophomore effort, Meet Mark Gross, in August of 2005. ~ David Jeffries

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