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British DJ and producer Mark Broom has led a remarkably prolific and versatile career for over three decades, producing hundreds of releases ranging from club-ready techno and house to left-field electro, downtempo, and IDM. An early association with Plaid resulted in the formation of Repeat near the beginning of the 1990s, and Broom additionally worked with producer Dave Hill on numerous projects, including Sympletic, Rue East, and Midnight Funk Association. Along with James Ruskin, Broom explores broken techno and IDM as the Fear Ratio, and abstract hip-hop as Deadhand. As a solo artist, he made his full-length debut in 1996 with the Detroit-influenced techno album Angie Is a Shoplifter, and he continued releasing a reliable flow of club-tooled singles and EPs, punctuated by the occasional mix CD or additional full-length, including 2021's Fünfzig, a mixture of dub and house, and 2022's 100% Juice.

London, England
May 6, 1971