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Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and philanthropist Margo Rey is a classically trained vocalist known for her own cross-genre pop music and appearances in Broadway musicals. Born Margarita Reymundo-Jurado in Acapulco, Mexico in 1966, Rey grew up in Dallas, Texas, where she took classical vocal lessons. By her teens, Rey was the lead singer in the all-female rock band the Debutantes, who developed a strong local following and recorded one self-produced album. During the '90s, Rey sang with several outfits, including the Ritual and the Latin fusion ensemble Miss Margo & the Lost Souls. In the late '90s, actor Edward James Olmos recommended Rey for the role of Selena's mother, Marcella, in the Broadway production of Selena Forever, which was based on the life of the late tejano pop star. This led Rey to a career on Broadway and a string of roles in such productions as Saturday Night Fever, Like Jazz, Zorro: The Musical, Canta Luna, and others. Eventually Rey relocated to Los Angeles, where she expanded her talents into voice-over work, garnering credits in various television commercials and films. In 2008, Rey married comedian Ron White. Together, they founded the independent record label Organica and released her 2009 debut solo album, My Heart's Desire. Also in 2009, Rey was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Subsequently, she has often performed to raise funds and awareness to help fight the disease. In 2012, Rey delivered her sophomore full-length album, Habit, which included the John Oates co-penned single "Let the Rain." ~ Matt Collar

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