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Marc Scibilia introduced his melodic rock sound, which mixes lush pop production with a folky, Dylan-inspired flair, on 2007's Fixity. His major-label debut, the more pop-oriented Out of Style EP, saw release in 2015, and he charted in Europe with 2018's "Unforgettable," a collaboration with house producer Robin Schulz.
Born in Buffalo, New York, to a family of musicians who had to make their living in other professions, Scibilia moved to Nashville immediately after high school determined to become a full-time singer/songwriter. He emerged in 2007 with a strong debut LP, Fixity. A tour-only EP called From Brooklyn to Maine arrived in 2009, and the following year Scibilia landed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Things began to pick up when the single "How Bad We Need Each Other" from his 2012 self-titled EP received a couple of high-profile television placements. One year later, he released the EP The Shape I'm In, which highlighted an expansive, roots-oriented, Springsteen-like approach. Scibilia's star continued to rise when his cover of Woody Guthrie's classic folk song "This Land Is Your Land" was featured in an automotive commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl, exposing him to an audience of millions.
Working with veteran producer Butch Walker, Scibilia released the Out of Style EP, his I.R.S. Nashville (Capitol) debut, later that year, expanding it into an album of the same name in mid-2016. In 2018, he hit the Top 40 in Germany and Austria with the club-friendly "Unforgettable," a collaboration with German producer Robin Schulz. It was followed by a remix EP of the song as well as another solo EP, 7th & Christopher, the same year. Scibilia's third studio long-player, Seed of Joy, arrived on Good Lander Records in 2020. ~ Timothy Monger & Marcy Donelson

    Buffalo, NY

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