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Mysterious British quartet Loyal arrived in late 2015 with their debut track, "Blue & the Green," a downtempo slice of somber and atmospheric indie R&B. Released by the Good Years label, the track was accompanied by no information about the group's membership or background, only that the members shared an affinity for disco, Kate Bush, and the films of Stanley Kubrick. Appearing in February 2016, the subsequent single "House for You" relied on the same trudging, lovelorn sound as the debut. Third single "Moving as One" materialized in the early months of 2017, marking a much larger, more pop-friendly sound. Close to the March 2017 release of fourth single "Tower Over All," Loyal began giving more formal interviews and revealed the identities of the bandmembers: Alex Cowan, Beth Molly Moore, Jimmy Day, and Laurence Allen. The group also began performing live around this time. ~ Fred Thomas

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