About LoveLeo

Los Angeles pop singer and songwriter LoveLeo is the musical persona of Leo Reilly, who debuted with the viral hit “BOYFREN” in 2019.

• LoveLeo comes from a show-business family: His father is the comic actor John C. Reilly.
• He followed “BOYFREN” with two more singles, “ROSIE” and “LEMON,” before releasing his 2020 debut EP, LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE, which includes all three singles plus five additional tunes.
• In addition to writing songs and recording them at home on his laptop, LoveLeo codirects his own music videos. The clip for “LEMON” features 127 plastic lemons and a mannequin head.
• He’s also dabbled in modeling, walking in fashion shows for designers like Kenzo and Moschino.

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