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Since their first series of singles in 2018, the 12-woman K-pop group LOONA has cultivated an eclectic sound full of whimsy and drama. • LOONA was brought together by the South Korean company Blockberry Creative. Prior to the release of their debut album, each member had a chance to shine via solo and sub-unit (⅓, Odd Eye Circle, and yyxy) releases between 2016 and 2018. • Each group member has a corresponding animal and color associated with her. • LOONA fans are known as “Orbits.” • Canadian art-pop sensation Grimes appears on the LOONA sub-unit yyxy’s 2018 single “Love4eva.” • LOONA came together as a whole for the first time on the 2018 EP [+ +], which reached No. 2 on the South Korean charts and No. 4 on Billboard’s World Albums chart. • Especially popular with LGBTQ+ fans, LOONA spurred the “Stan LOONA” meme, which involves fans inserting that catchphrase into various types of social media posts.

Seoul, South Korea