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After nine years of creating and developing a subtle, low-volume style, Limp came out with a debut album, Orion, in March 2002. Jonas Munk (guitar/synths/producer, aka Manual, born October 1981), Jakob Skott (drums, aka Syntaks, born May 1980), Jess Kahr (synths, born March 1980), and Rasmus Rasmussen (bass, aka Aerosol, born March 1980), are the lineup of Limp, a band that explores both the outer and inner levels of dexterity. In the background of their active music life, the bandmembers are earning college degrees: two of them in philosophy, one in literature, and one in design. Originally formed in 1992 by Munk, Kahr, and Skott as Paragons of Virtue, the group recorded the track "Infected" on the Progress/Diehard Records compilation F**k You, We're From Denmark, Vol. 4. Other angry and growling bands from Denmark filled the rest of the album. During 1995, the band performed in youth programs on Denmark's two national television stations and played gigs with other Progress Record bands. Between 1996 and 1998, the band changed their name to Limp, reflecting the offbeat and new limp feel they were producing. Limp transitioned from the heavy hardcore and thrash sounds of their early years into a lower-volume, subtle expression that reflect a disciplined, meticulous dedication to perfection. Munk is the main composer of the basic shapes, Skott adds the drums, and the bass and synths mellow it into a subtle wholeness. By 2001, Rasmus Rasmussen had joined the group and Limp released several demos, first recording them live on stereo tape and then on a multiple track hard-disc-recorder. The inner discipline Limp developed functions well with the strictness of Munk's compositions, yet when playing a live gig or on tour, the group remains youthful, vibrant, and creative. Morr Music, known for electronica flavors, released Orion in March 2002. The six-track album features guitar-based, semi-electronic ambient rock that is ethereal, delicate, and uplifting. In 2002, Limp recorded two tracks on Morr Music's compilation that includes ISAN, Ulrich Schnauss, and Mum. ~ Eleanor Ditzel

San Francisco, CA, United States
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