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Lil Loaded

About Lil Loaded

Dallas rapper Lil Loaded became one of 2019’s biggest breakout stars, earning tens of millions of streams and eventually signing a deal with Epic Records.

• Lil Loaded grew up in California before moving to Dallas when he was 10. His stage name refers to his habit of toting guns around as a teen.
• He burst onto the scene with 2019’s “6loc 6a6y,” which is packed with references to guns and the rapper’s gang affiliation. The song racked up more than 65 million streams.
• The “6loc 6a6y” music video got a major boost when YouTube star Tommy Craze posted a reaction video. Within 24 hours, Lil Loaded had garnered nearly 50,000 views.
• NLE Choppa appears on the “6loc 6a6y” remix—the video for which surpassed 16 million views. Funnily enough, the song’s beat was labeled as an “NLE Choppa type beat” when Lil Loaded found it online.
• Amid his meteoric rise, Lil Loaded signed with Epic Records.
• In November 2020, Lil Loaded was charged with the murder of 18-year-old associate Khalia Walker. The following month, he released the mixtape CRIPTAPE.

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