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A comedian who has raised rage to the level of an art form, Lewis Black is a satirist and standup performer whose trademark rants about the failings of the world have made him one of the most popular and singular voices in American humor. He rose to prominence in the late 1990s with regular appearances on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, giving voice to his obsession with human stupidity, and his delivery was so full of frothing, barely articulate bile and fury that it could nearly drown out the sharpness of his social and political observations. Black's star rose after that, and he regularly documented his concerts, beginning with 2000's The White Album. 2020's Thanks for Risking Your Life was recorded shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic put his live appearances on hold, and 2023's Tragically I Need You picked up on the other side, with his first tour after the end of lockdown.

Washington, D.C.
August 30, 1948
Standup Comedy
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