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Lake of Tears first came together in 1992 when Daniel Brennare, Jonas Eriksson, and Michael Larsson left the death metal band they were playing in and hooked up with Johan Oudhuis. They recorded a demo in early 1993 which caught the attention of Black Mark Productions, who signed the band soon after. Their debut, Greater Art, was released in 1994, followed quickly by Headstones the next year. The band began to tour through Europe, losing guitarist Eriksson in the summer of 1996. They recorded a third album in 1997, A Crimson Cosmos, which gained them much attention in the metal underground. They hired a new guitarist, Ulrik Lindblom, and toured relentlessly until 1999, when they recorded Forever Autumn. This album was more in a progressive rock vein than their previous material, hiring full-time keyboardist Christian Saarinen to help round out their sound. Unfortunately, the lack of attention from their label as well as personal problems split the band by the time 2001 rolled around. In the winter of 2001, Brennare told his fans from Lake of Tears's official website that he planned on fulfilling the last album in the band's contract, and he had hoped that the band would decide to help him make one last album. ~ Bradley Torreano

Boras, Sweden
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