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About Laibach

Laibach is a Slovenian group whose music, performances, and entire aesthetic have been immensely influential across nearly the entire genre of industrial music, especially the martial industrial style. Mocking fascism with their music's Wagnerian thunder and military attire, the band's live shows portray rock concerts as absurd political rallies. While early recordings, such as the group's self-titled 1985 effort, were more experimental, Laibach became more popular when they started incorporating covers of well-known rock songs on 1987's Opus Dei. Their music became more techno-influenced on early-'90s releases such as 1992's Kapital, while 1996's Jesus Christ Superstars was heavier on guitars. During the 21st century, they have interpreted national anthems (Volk, 2006) and show tunes (The Sound of Music, 2018), in addition to performing historic concerts in Korea. 2022's Wir sind das Volk contained music written for a theatrical production based on the texts of German playwright Heiner Müller.

Trbovlje, Yugoslavia
June 1, 1980