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Kim Petras has spawned an entire generation of bunheads (as her fanbase is called) with her brand of hook-heavy, hedonistic synth-pop. Born in Cologne, Germany in 1992, Petras had aspirations of international stardom from an early age, writing her first songs at 13 and inspired by pop stars like Britney Spears and Spice Girls. Though she released minor works in the late 2000s, it was 2017’s “Unlock It,” the singer’s attention-grabbing collaboration with scene queen Charli XCX, that served for many as a gateway into her world. Petras' Era 1 collection of endorphin-popping bangers, elevated by her virtuosic vocal range, solidified her status as pop music royalty. Songs like 2017’s sugar-baby anthem “‎I Don't Want It At All” and 2018’s criminally catchy “Heart to Break” showcased her singer/songwriter prowess through a neon glow of ‘80s-infused dance pop. An indie artist at heart, Petras has released the bulk of her work on her own BunHead Records imprint. Her official full-length debut, Clarity (2019), found her eschewing some of the blithe spirit of her early songs in favor of a greater vulnerability in songs like “Icy” and “Broken,” where materialism becomes an escape from the emotional void of heartbreak. The hyper-sexualized Slut Pop arrived in 2022. Petras’ success has also turned her into a role model for the broad swath of her fanbase who identify as LGBTQ, celebrating her as a pioneer for transgender representation in the genre.

Cologne, Germany
August 27, 1992
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