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One of the most exciting roots singers of the '70s reggae scene, Junior Delgado, released a string of highly acclaimed singles in collaboration with Dennis Brown, starting in 1975 with "Tition," a hit in both Jamaica and the UK. Between 1976 and 1979 Delgado collaborated with Brown on several tracks, including "Devil’s Throne," the popular "Trickster," and "Warrior," as well as making TASTE OF THE YOUNG HEART. After serving an 18-month prison sentence in 1983, Delgado recorded the remarkably prescient "Broadwater Farm" predicting the riots in that turbulent area of north London. After drifting into semi-retirement in the late '80s, Delgado re-emerged with 1998's FEARLESS, followed by 2000's SINGS DENNIS BROWN, a touching tribute to his late friend.

West Kingston, Jamaica
August 25, 1958