Joel Mull


About Joel Mull

Along with his other Swedish peers such as Adam Beyer and Oliver Ho, Joel Mull has been reshaping the sound of techno during the 1990s at a young age, emerging as one of the genre's most promising future producers. His musical career began at an early age, six, when he received his first synthesizer, eventually playing for numerous bands during his teens as both a drummer and a keyboard player. In 1991, he attended his first electronic dance music party, heard techno, and began making it his life. By 1993 he bought a sampler, a pair of Technics turntables, and a mixer; he was then a full-fledged techno artist. By the end of the decade, he had recorded for esteemed Swedish labels such as Beyer's Code Red and Christian Smith's Tronic, while also holding down some residencies at Swedish clubs such as Turbulence and also appearing at Berlin's Love Parade with his brand of pummeling techno. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Stockholm, Sweden