Joan Osborne
Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne

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A powerful vocalist whose repertoire reveals a sure command of many genres, Joan Osborne burst into stardom in 1995 with the release of her first major-label album, Relish. The song "One of Us" became a massive hit single, and a career as a pop star seemed assured. However, her creatively restless spirit led to record-label conflicts, and she preferred to follow her muse, exploring different musical avenues as she pleased and eventually founding her own label to gain greater control. As comfortable singing with the Motown house band the Funk Brothers as she is touring as a vocalist with the Grateful Dead, Osborne's catalog shows she's impressively versatile and gifted with a fine voice, keen instincts about how to use it, and a knowledge that wisely informs her creative choices.

    Anchorage, KY
  • BORN
    July 8, 1962

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