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b. Errol King, c.1970, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. In 1993, King developed his DJ skills chanting on various sound systems. He voiced a number of hits at various studios with several producers in Jamaica and gained a reputation as the youths’ DJ. His vocal style and delivery was similar to Buju Banton, whose gritty delivery over popular rhythms guaranteed a hit. An early example of his style can be found on ‘Cock Up And Ride’; the tune was produced by King Jammy’s son John John and was a dancehall smash. The lyrics (‘Push out your foot and do the bogle dance’) and the ‘bogle’ rhythm inspired a provocative dancing style and led to an adult rating for dancehall videos! In 1994, a combination with Barrington Levy, ‘Work’, was an international hit that ‘bubbled’ under the pop chart. The single crossed many barriers and proved especially popular among the East Indian population. Ragga had influenced many Asian performers, notably Apache Indian, and the tune was a guaranteed floor filler at bhangra dances. King’s other 1994 hits, ‘Have What It Takes’ and ‘Kick Up’, were unable to generate similar enthusiasm. In 1995, he recorded ‘God Never Fail Me’ and ‘Give Me The Weed’ with Courtney Cole at Roof International. Other recordings have maintained his profile in the reggae charts, including ‘Judge The Book’, ‘Mr Bate’ and ‘Ragga Ragga’. In 1996, he topped the Jamaican chart in combination with an English singer, Jamie Irie, for an ode to marijuana, ‘Sweet Sensimilla’.

    Kingston, Jamaica
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