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About Jewel

Jewel’s delicate songwriting has always been her most powerful weapon. “I think the best rebellion is remaining sensitive,” she told Apple Music. That philosophy—germinating from a tough childhood—has stayed with the singer/songwriter throughout her career. Born in 1974, Jewel Kilcher began singing and yodeling as a young girl alongside her father in raucous barrooms across Alaska. By age 15, she moved out, studied operatic voice in Michigan, and relocated to Southern California, where she anxiously lived out of her car and performed acoustic sets at San Diego coffee shops. Atlantic Records eventually took notice and released her smash 1995 debut, Pieces Of You. Highlighted by reflective folk-pop hits "Who Will Save Your Soul," "You Were Meant for Me," and "Foolish Games," the album served as the ideal antidote to the angst-fueled grunge dominating the pop-culture landscape. As she’s redefined herself over the years—flexing her supple soprano through dance-pop beats (2003’s 0304), sweet country hooks (2008’s Perfectly Clear), and charming children’s classics (2009’s Lullaby)—Jewel has stuck to the promise she made herself as a homeless teen: to remain wholly authentic. “I’m really proud,” she says, looking back. “I always chose my humanity over my career, and I always chose my art over fame.”

Payson, UT, United States of America
May 23, 1974