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Singer, songwriter, pianist, and sometimes guitarist Jes Hudak was born in St. Paul, MN but attended elementary school in Pennington, NJ before moving to Saratoga Springs, NY as a seventh grader. She seemed always destined to make music, and was humming melodies before she could talk. Hudak started taking piano lessons when she was in the second grade, and by the age of 12 she was writing and performing her own songs regularly at open mikes around Sarasota. She released an album, In There Somewhere, in 1997 when she was still in the ninth grade. After high school she moved to New York City, and five years later she relocated to Los Angeles, where she continued writing and performing. She released a second album, Tiny Dream, in 2002. The self-titled EP Jes Hudak appeared early in 2010. ~ Steve Leggett

United States of America