Jerry Granelli
Jerry Granelli

Jerry Granelli

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Drummer and bandleader Jerry Granelli possessed a lyrical approach to music. Capable of transcending genre and even his own style, he played on some celebrated jazz recordings, including Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas. Granelli also played folk with the Kingston Trio, psychedelic rock with We Five, and funk with Sly Stone. While teaching in Seattle during the '80s, Granelli met Jay Clayton, Gary Peacock, Ralph Towner, and Julian Priester, and enlisted them for 1989's One Day at a Time. In the '90s, his Koputai LP won accolades globally, even as he worked with Jane Ira Bloom and Lee Konitz. He also formed Jerry Granelli UFB and Jerry Granelli & Badlands during that decade. He released The Only Juan with pianist Jamie Saft in 2001 and helmed the rockist V16 Project in 2003. After 2010's solo percussion outing, 1313, Granelli led 2017's Dance Hall with guitarists Robben Ford and Bill Frisell.

    San Francisco, CA
  • BORN
    December 30, 1940

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