Issac Delgado

About Issac Delgado

Inventive vocalist Issac Delgado was one of Cuba's most famous modern salsa musicians. His music, which combined elements of Afro-Caribbean rhythms with pop and jazz, evolved over the course of his career to included experiments with electronic elements and avant-garde sounds. Fame began to enter his life when he worked with N.G. La Banda, the Cuban dance group, which attracted large audiences with their lively playing and 1992 hit album, En La Calle. The album contained the number one world beat single of the year, "Necesito Una Amiga." His popularity continued through the decade, culminating in a greatest hits album, Los Grandes Exitos de Isaac Delgado, released in 2000. ~ Stacia Proefrock

    Havana, Cuba
  • BORN
    September 11, 1962

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