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Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

About Insane Clown Posse

The Detroit horrorcore duo Insane Clown Posse has built a cult-like following of “juggalos”—outsiders who find their identity in the group’s rebellious, over-the-top brand of hip-hop.

• ICP’s 1992 debut album, Carnival of Carnage, features an assist from fellow Detroit rapper Kid Rock.
• The group parodied Eminem’s 1999 hit “My Name Is” with the scathing “Slim Anus.” Em fired back by dissing ICP on a skit from 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP.
• Violent J and Swaggy 2 Dope wrote, created, and starred in the 2000 crime drama Big Money Hustlas. The film features an appearance from one of their wrestling heroes, Mick Foley.
• In July 2000, more than 7,000 ICP fans flocked to Novi, Michigan, for the inaugural Gathering of the Juggalos, a convention featuring music, pro wrestling, and more. It’s become an annual tradition.
• ICP notched a guest appearance on Three 6 Mafia’s platinum-certified 2000 album When The Smoke Clears. Hear them on the track “Just Another Crazy Clique.”
• The duo enjoyed a resurgence in 2020, when the “Clown Check” challenge took off on TikTok. Users dress up as clowns and lip-sync along to ICP’s 1997 track “Hokus Pokus.”

    Detroit, MI

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