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While he's best known as an actor on the television series like The Wire, The Office, and Luther, and in feature films such as American Gangster, Thor, and Pacific Rim, Idris Elba has also made a name for himself in music as a DJ, producer, rapper, and singer. Elba's music is rooted in hip-hop, African music, and reggae, with his rich, resonant voice adding weight and texture to his atmospheric, edgy beats. Elba is also a team player whose recordings often feature collaborations with other musicians and vocalists. His debut album, 2014's Mi Mandela, was inspired by his experience playing Nelson Mandela and the music of South Africa, 2016's Murdah Loves John was an exercise in moody hip-hop, and Idris Elba Presents: The Yardie Mixtape was a reggae-oriented set tied into his directorial debut, 2018's Yardie.

    Hackney, London, England
  • BORN
    September 6, 1972

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