Channeling a lifelong love of the ocean into his music, HIRAIDAI is a folk singer-songwriter whose ukulele-powered songs have made him one of Japan’s most unique pop stars.

∙ Inspired by his father—a surfer and guitarist—and the ukelele his grandmother gave him at age three, HIRAIDAI began playing music as a child and released his debut, My Style, in 2008.
∙ His big break came in 2011, when his song “One Love - Pacific Harmony” was selected as the official theme of that year’s Honolulu Festival, one of Hawaii’s biggest annual events.
Aloha, from 2012, reached No. 19 on the Japanese charts, and he’s since landed four additional studio albums in the Top 20.
∙ In 2019, his song “The Gift” was used as the theme for the anime film Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration.

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