Guus Meeuwis
Guus Meeuwis

Guus Meeuwis

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Born in Mariahout on March 23, 1972, Guus Meeuwis is a Dutch singer and songwriter who made his breakthrough with backing band Vagant in the mid-'90s. In his early teens, Meeuwis picked up the guitar and began singing in public. After high school, Meeuwis went to Tilburg to study. At the turn of the century, Meeuwis left Vagant to become a solo artist. He secured a steady following and enjoyed success well into the new century, releasing a number of well-received full-length solo albums. As a musician, Meeuwis mixes recognizable melody lines with reflective and romantic lyrics. ~ Philip D. Huff

    Mariahout, The Netherlands
  • BORN
    March 23, 1972

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